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There are many reasons why you might need to transfer WordPress site to new host. Sometimes it is necessary to move WordPress sites to new hosts due to the host’s slow service or limited support. In the event that you are faced with this problem, your first inclination may be to google “how to directions” from the internet. Sounds simple; the directions are very straight forward, giving the impression that anyone could do it quite easily.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It makes more sense to prepare for the worst if you are not familiar with the transition process. If you have spent thousands of dollars on your website, not to mention the possible loss of income when the site is down, with extensive content that you certainly do not want to lose, why trust it to an amateur? Also consider the possibility of crashing the site and starting from scratch.

Hiring a professional technician to move your WordPress website will save you many hours of grief. The process can be quite intimidating for a non-technical person. It is quite easy to make serious mistakes that can cost you time and a lot of money. Our WordPress migration Service can complete the job quickly and efficiently with minimal cost. Considering the loss of revenue with a down site, it just makes sense to hire a reputable company that specializes in WordPress migration.

Like many business owners, you are busy completing orders or work for your clients. One thing that you do not want to happen is for your WordPress site to be down for any length of time.

If you are not sure where to start, our service has moved hundreds of WordPress sites successfully with no problems. Our comprehensive process is assurance that your site will remain live during the migration. That benefit alone could save thousands of dollars. Keeping the doors open on the internet is critical to prevent loss of revenue.

Initially our technicians complete a comprehensive and rigorous review of your WordPress website before migration and provide you with an actionable plan that leads to a solution for your problem. You may choose from several comprehensive packages depending on your needs. We have a basic package that will just consist of the WordPress transfer and we have other packages that will add security and protection to your WordPress website. Everyday there are millions of WordPress sites hacked. It’s vital to get the protection you need.

We may offer recommendations for hosting providers that offer excellent service for your WordPress site in the event that you are undecided. Our motto is full service and we will ensure that your website will transition effortlessly. Have questions?

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