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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation yesterday on COVID-19. Prime Minister asked the people of the nation to follow a few things in order to save the country from the Corona Virus.

Prime Minister asked the people for the country to avoid going to public places. He also announced that there will be a Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020. He has asked the citizens of the country to stay inside their homes on 22nd March 2020 from 7 AM in the morning to 9 PM in the evening. Only the govt officers or the people who are required to leave the houses for their services should go out that too taking all the precautions with themselves.

He has urged the state government to take the lead; he has asked all the youth organizations NCC and NSS civil societies to come forward and spread the awareness among the people and the societies.

He has also requested the people of the country that if they can stay home and operate their employee’s work from their home itself then that is the best idea.

He has also assured that basic and necessary supplies will be available all through this time.

Prime Minister requested the citizens to socially isolate themselves as it will reduce the chances of the people getting affected by the virus and reduce the workload on hospitals.

Prime Minister also paid due respect to the selfless people who are serving the country in this situation as well. Prime Minister said that many bold individuals are in the cutting edge of battling the COVID-19 pandemic like clinical staff, police, government hirelings, aircraft staff, media people, transport/train/auto administrators and those associated with giving home conveyance.

To offer feelings of appreciation to their enormous support of the country during such difficult occasions, Prime Minister proposed that on March 22 at 5 PM, all residents ought to recognize and salute their endeavours by remaining in the overhangs and at the entryways of their homes and applaud or ring chimes for five minutes as a demonstration of gratefulness.

He asked the neighbourhood government the nation over to demonstrate the planning by blasting out an alarm at 5 PM.

To manage the monetary difficulties brought about by the pandemic, Prime Minister declared the making of ‘COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force’ under the Union Finance Minister. The Task Force will counsel partners, take criticism, based on which choices will be taken to address the difficulties. The Task Force will likewise guarantee usage of the choices taken to address these difficulties.

Executive likewise asked the business network and higher pay gatherings to care for the financial needs of those from lower pay gatherings, from whom they take different administrations, encouraging them not to cut their pay when they can’t render the administrations because of failure to go to the work environment. He worried about the significance of mankind during such occasions.

He additionally guaranteed the kinsmen that there would not be any lack of basic things like nourishment, milk, prescriptions, and so forth. He encouraged individuals to not depend on alarm purchasing.

The executive urged everybody to cooperate and contribute completely to defeat the emergency of COVID-19. He encouraged the residents not to fall prey to falsehood. The executive said that during the hour of such a worldwide pandemic, it is imperative to guarantee that ‘humankind wins and India wins’.

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