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Paytm FAQ


1. How do I create an account on PayTM?

It is easy to create a seller account on PayTM. Log on to  and fill in primary details to create an account. Then log into your account and then follow steps such as submission of documents and information. 

2. Why does PayTM ask to verify phone number and email?

PayTM registers only genuine sellers. This is why they carry out process of verifying phone number and email. You must funish only genuine phone number and email address in your name or your company name. Once you furnish email and phone at the time of registering you receive mail that you must confirm in order to be able to log in and proceed further. 

3. Can I use the same PayTM account for all services on PayTM whether it’s buying or selling?

Please read PayTM terms on that states that once you sign up you can use any services and all such usage will be governed by their policies. 

4. I don’t have access to my mobile number. How can I login or update my mobile number?

Simply login to your seller account and you will have options to click on that will help you to update your details and edit existing ones. You can make changes through seller support tab in seller panel.  Another way is to take screen shot  of your bank statement, contact payment by clicking on contact us button and choose unable to login option. Tap on more details and click mobile number lost/not available and then, after clicking on tell us, explain the issue and mention the new mobile number you wish to add to your profile and tap on email and enter email ID. 

5. I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?

Launch PayTM app, tap on profile, tap onforgot password and enter registered email or phone and tap on proceed. You get OTP and you enter this number in the blank space and then enter new password and click on update. 

6. How can I change my password?

Login to your account using app or desktop website, click on your name and view profile and select change password option. Follow the steps. 

7. How do I add or change my registered email address?

Log into your account, click on your name and click on edit profile. If you have not added an email address you can do so in the blank box. If it shows an email address you simply delete it and type in a new email address and click on save. You receive OTP on your mobile. Enter the OTP. You receive link in you email that you must click to verify and that is that. Process may vary a little bit on desktop and on mobile app.  

8. How do I verify my email address?

Log into your account using PayTM app or on desktop version, go to profile  and click on Verify Now next to the email address and click on send link. You get a mail with verification link that you must click within 48 hours to verify the email address. 

9. How do I change my registered mobile number?

Login to your seller account. Click on view profile under your name and then click on edit profile. Change the existing number. You will receive OTP on new number that you must enter in the box and click OK. 

10. How do I verify my mobile number?

Login to your seller account. Click on view profile under your name and then click on verify mobile number next to mobile number. You receive OTP on that number that you must enter in the blank box and submit. If verify mobile number does not appear it means your number is already verified. 

11. Can I add more than one delivery address?

Buyers on PayTM can easily add another delivery address. It is best to use the PayTM app. Launch the app, click on profile icon and scroll down to delivery address. Tap it and you can add a delivery address and even set it as the default one. You can remove delivery address by selecting it and tapping on remove button. 

12. How do I add or remove my registered billing/shipping address?

Use PayTM app or website and click on profile, scroll down to address, click on edit and enter new details and set it as default and click on save delivery address option. 

13. Can I add more than one debit or credit cards? If yes, how can I do this?

Run PayTM app, navigate to profile at bottom of page, sign in and click on your name at the top. You can see saved cards on the next page. Click on add card at the bottom. You know a card is added when PayTM adds Re. 1.00 to you wallet. 

14. How can I delete one of my saved cards?

Login with your use name and password using PayTM app. Tap on profile at the bottom, sign in and tap on you name at the top and then on saved cards. A page opens showing saved cards. Tap on icon next to a card and select delete this card and that card will be removed. 

15. When I try to sign up with my mobile number or email address, it says that an account already exists. I never created any account, what to do?

You will have to use PayTM desktop website for this. Log into you account if you have one or click on sign up and enter details and then click on create PayTM wallet. If your account exists with your mobile number then enter OTP sent to this number and click on “No I did not” in next screen and your PayTM account with your mobile number will be created. If account exists with you email address then open you email and view mail from PayTM fo verification. Click on the link and then on “No I did not” in the screen that is displayed. 

16. When I try to add or change my mobile number/ email address, it says that the mobile number/ email address is already with another account. I never created any account with my mobile number/ email address, what to do?

Use PayTM desktop website for this. Log in. Click on view profile at top right and then on edit profile. If account exists with mobile number, change existing number to new and click on save. Enter OTP sent to old and new phone and then click on “No I did not” screen and your account will be updated. If your account exists with your email address log in and enter email address in your profile and click on save and then enter OTP you get in your mobile. Open mail and click on verificiation link in the mail. Click on “No I did not” in the screen that you see. 

17. I have two accounts in PayTM, how can I have a single account with combined balance?

Use only PayTM desktop website for this purpose. Log into your account that has higher balance  and for which you have submitted KYC, and click on your name. Click on view profile and then edit profile. Follow steps to update mobile number and click on save, enter OTP, click on “No I did not” and your account will be updated with new mobile number. Do the same to update email address. Once both accounts have same phone and email address then they will be merged and the account will show lupdated balance.  

18. One account has mobile number 9876543210 and email address [email protected] Other account has mobile number 9988776655 and email address [email protected] Can I have an account with mobile number 9876543210 and email address [email protected]?

Use PayTM desktop website for this. Log into your account with mobile number 9876543210, click on your name at top right, view profile and then edit profile. Replace email address [email protected] with [email protected] Follow the OTP and verification pocess and then when you click link in verification link in email click on “Yes I did” in the screen, answer security question and click on merge accounts. You can selct option of keeping mobile number 9876543210 and matching it with the email of your choice.

19. I just received an Email saying that my mobile number has been moved to a different account. How can I access my account/wallet balance?

Use PayTM app. Log into your account and enter registered email address and passwork and then on login. You will be asked to submit a mobile number on which you will receive OTP. Your account will be updated and you will be able to use your PayTM wallet. 

20. I just received an SMS saying that my Email address has been moved to a different account. How can I access my account/wallet balance?

Use PayTM app and log into your account, enter registered mobile number and passworld and click on login. You can access account after this. 

21. Will my wallet balance now earn interest?

PayTM wallet does not earn any interest so transfer money to wallet in minimum amounts and for specific purposes only when needed. If you wish to earn interest you should pursue other methods. In fact, the wallet money is used by PayTM, lent out for interest and this is how it gets revenues. 

22. Can I now withdraw money from my wallet?

Once you put money into your PayTM wallet you cannot withdraw it according to RBI guidelines. You can only use it for payments. 

23. Can I still use credit card to add money to my wallet?

Yes. You can use credit card to add money to your wallet. 

24. What is PayTM KYC process?

PayTM is turning into a bank and according to RBI guidelines users need to submit KYC documents such as aadhar card, driving licence or other approved documents to verify identity of account holder.

25. Can we pay credit card bill through PayTM?

Log into your account. Select bank and credit card number and enter the amount. Proceed with payment using net banking or UPI.  Please note you cannot pay using your wallet, only your bank account.

26. How much money can be added in PayTM?

The minimum amount you can add is Rs 100 using your bank account to transfer money to PayTM wallet. You can transfer Rs 5000 at a time. The maximum amount is Rs 25000 per month. If you have merchant account you can transfer up to Rs 50000. Established merchants can transfer up to Rs 1 lakh provided KYC process is completed and PAN card details are submitted.

27. How do I transfer PayTM cash to my bank account?

Open PayTM desktop website and login.

Click on your name and then on PayTM wallet.

Select transfer to bank option and fill in details and then click on send money button.

If you are new and have not yet done KYC you will have to wait 3 days before you can transfer PayTM wallet cash to your bank. If you have done KYC then you can transfer money immediately. Merchants will have to pay a fee of 2%.

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