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Latest trends in link building you should be aware of in 2021

How can you establish your website as a quality resource that commands authority? In today’s realm of e-commerce, businesses are judged by the quality and authority of their website. Link building offers a practical solution for brands and organizations competing for maximum online visibility.

What is link building, and how can you incorporate it into your marketing mix? Link building is the strategy of generating high-quality backlinks to build authority and maximize visibility. A burgeoning marketing trend, link building, has altered the mechanisms of search engine optimization. It allows websites to influence Google bots and algorithms and win approval as a quality resource worth citing.

Back in the old days, content alone was enough to win over authority and enjoy higher ranking. But in 2021, Google has revolutionized search engine marketing with artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Bots and algorithms rank websites based on several factors, including quality content, keywords, and most importantly, high-quality backlinks. Keep reading to explore the latest trends and strategies to improve your link-building success with industry-relevant techniques.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is not a new marketing strategy, but in 2021, it’s making a powerful presence in link-building initiatives. It’s a popular tactic, and marketers worldwide deploy it to help small and medium-scale enterprises establish a digital presence. So, how can you use it to generate high-quality backlinks for your website?

You will generate high-quality content for popular websites that enjoy authority and create a backlink to your website. The benefits of this strategy extend to both the publication website and the guest blogger. The author of the website can secure a quality referral to drive traffic and generate leads. And the publishing site obtains high-quality content to engage its audience and offer value.

Both websites enjoy increased online visibility and authority. However, to enjoy guaranteed success, it’s crucial to identify the niche most relevant to your brand and industry. The audience, authority, and social status of your publication website are essential factors. Does it share the same target audience as your brand?

Essentially, your goal is to leverage the enormous social following of the publication site to market your website and brand. Be sure to conduct rigorous market research before finalizing your guest posting schedule and collaborations.

 Contextual Links or Niche Edits

Popularly known as contextual links, niche edits are another popular and tried-and-tested strategy that enjoys relevance in the link-building process. Niche edits refer to incorporated hyperlinks of existing articles and published pieces. It doesn’t require creating new content, making it a relatively more straightforward strategy to explore.

Niche edits allow marketers to use their existing articles and draw the traffic of previously published pieces. The content that features external and internal links is much more practical and useful for this strategy. Affiliate marketers have much to gain from niche edits.

The Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a groundbreaking new technique that has risen to dramatic popularity for its effectiveness. It involves analysis and quality controls to create authoritative backlinks. The strategy consists of creating a masterful piece with creativity, information, and superior readability adjustments.

Marketers must analyze the quality of the content and backlinks with great scrutiny for this technique to work. That doesn’t sound very different from other strategies; what exactly is new here? Marketers are replicating the backlinks.

You see, marketers and business owners must find previously published articles with multiple high-quality backlinks. The replication of backlinks increases the success rate and visibility dramatically. Once you’ve identified the article, you must craft an engaging, interactive and immersive piece that inspires action.

Finally, market your piece through email outreach and engage your audience with masterfully crafted content.

Digital Public Relations

In 2021, digital public relations have emerged as a crucial initiative to drive online visibility and build a dynamic presence. Editorial outreach and digital collaborations allow brands to establish relevance and drive website traffic. You see, pay-per-click ads and paid campaigns aren’t enough to drive traffic. You need to foster relations and collaborations that market your website with creativity and content creation.

Editorial outreach is a vital ingredient in a digital PR strategy to build authority and maximize online visibility. Business owners and marketers approach editors of popular digital magazines and websites to acquire high-quality backlinks. Businesses have to pay a fee to acquire links from prominent journalists, social influencers, ace marketers, and trendsetters.

Websites that command a substantial social following can benefit businesses by giving them online mentions at a fee. How can you acquire editorial backlinks to your website? PR involves networking, and you will have to collaborate with editors, journalists, influencers, and marketers. It’s vital to pursue editorial opportunities actively.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a fabulous resource to connect with journalists willing to work with businesses. It may seem extensive and labor-intensive, but it offers massive returns.

Building Relationships & Collaborations

Relations, collaborations, and partnerships with social influencers and editors drive a robust link-building campaign. If your brand and business team is unknown by industry influencers, observers and journalists, you can’t acquire quality links.

It’s essential to define quality backlinks. If the website is not relevant to your industry and doesn’t enjoy popularity across your target audience, quality is questionable. Therefore, it’s crucial to build contacts and relationships with journalists, editors, trendsetters, and influencers across your industry.

You can also build niche-specific communities around your brand and industry, such as social groups and forums. You connect with existing organizations, groups, and blogs to network with journalists, marketers, and SEO experts. It may seem overwhelming, but it’s crucial to connect and contribute to groups to build a social presence.

Discussions on social groups with journalists and marketers will enrich your strategy with insights. Active participation in industry-relevant social groups and online communities can work wonders. It will help you acquire quality backlinks, build connections and stay abreast with industry trends and news.


In 2021, much has changed, and yet, many strategies are still actively in practice. It’s wise to approach link-building with a mix of existing and new techniques to make a definitive impact. We cannot stress enough the significance of digital PR, editorial outreach, and networking.

Marketers and business owners must leverage the influence and outreach opportunities provided by social groups and online communities. This year, generating high-quality links requires more than contacts, spending, and strategy. It requires active participation, collaboration, networking, and creative partnerships.

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