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How To Make Your Website Like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal Etc.

How to make your website like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

In the digital India all want to get their business on social media because of the market grip, getting to increase day by day. You can easily find people on social sites because of the time limits. Follow these simple tips to make your website like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal:

Home page needs to be well managed

First page of the website needs be to well managed and all categories and sub categories should reflect there so the customers can find it easily. Search bar also needs to be available on the first page.

Loading time should be Quicker

Your website needs to be open within maximum of 5 secs.Because if the site is responding very slowly most of the times, the customer will move onto some other website and you may loose a potential customer or order.

 All URLs needs to be working properly

All urls needs to be working properly whether it is the first page or the last page.It would create a good impression on the customer make the navigation easier. Sometimes what happen is the customer trying to make a payment, however, the url is not working, it would create a bad impact on a customers and you may loose on your business.

Content Quality

Content quality of your website should be impressive and understandable to the customers. Content should be short and crisp, everyone can understand that. Keywords needs to be targeted properly. The main topic should be very clear.If the topic is not clear, the customer might not read the rest of the content.

 Product Listing

Product listing also needs to done properly.Images should be clear and attractive, so the customers can see and make their choices.Rest of the details also needs to be mentioned properly like the size, colour, etc. If it’s an electronic product then the warranty or the guarantee of the product should also be mentioned.

Link Citation

If you want to grip first in your local area then you should work on the Citation.Because in citation we do the registration for you in different websites. You will get the visibility because of the other sites and will help you to get the revenue.

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