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Google Search Console Is Tracking Fewer Pages For Reporting

Google declared a day or two ago that beginning on April 12, 2020; it started following fewer pages for its revealing motor. Explicitly for the AMP, Mobile Usability, Speed, all rich outcome reports. This was done to improve the execution of the detailing framework. Be that as it may, following fewer pages can bring about specific issues.

Google said, “these reports have been changed to cover fewer pages, to give better execution in Search Console.” The outcome is that “you may see an abatement in the number of things and pages followed in these reports.”

Obviously, with any change to detailing in Search Console, this “doesn’t influence search results, just the information announcing in Search Console,” as Google said.

So if you see an adjustment in the number of things being accounted for in Search Console on or after April twelfth, this is the reason.

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