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Google Responds To February 2020 Update Saying “We Do Updates All The Time”

Danny Sullivan from Google reacted to various inquiries regarding the unverified Google February update early today, saying, “We do refreshes constantly.” This is a similar proclamation he made for the November 2019 update. Indeed, in November, we accepted this reaction as an affirmation that there was an update, just not “wide center update.”

Google didn’t state this was not an update, that nothing occurred. Google, in reality, said there was an update, vast numbers of them. To state, there was no update mistaken by this announcement, notably when Google stated: “we do refreshes constantly,” and the information from instruments and the network show a significant move.

With regards to center updates, Google pre-reports those, and this was not what one would call an expansive center update.

In any case, this could have been a pursuit calculation update random profoundly refreshes. It could have been a bug discharged someplace that was returned, henceforth all the changes being found in the information, site investigation, and following devices. In any case, Google didn’t state any refresh at all occurred. It is only one of those updates that Google isn’t discussing and has nothing to share about.


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