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The COVID-19 crisis is impacting so many incredible brands — from neighbourhood spots to household names — many businesses have been reeling from the impact of everyone needing to stay home for the good of public health.

Fractl’s Marketing Director, Amanda Milligan looked into how various brands are responding to this hardship through content to share some important lessons for other B2B and B2C businesses.

She mentions how the messaging you use and the ways you choose to help are absolutely essential to maintaining positive relationships.

Great examples included right from Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Marriot to humble brands like Orbitz and The Potter’s house.

Take a step back and consider how your brand can best contribute to the solutions your clients or customers need, you can form a short-term strategy on how your content can better serve them now.

Everybody is enduring here and there during the time of the COVID-19 emergency; however, as it identifies with showcasing, the travel industry might be taking the hardest shot. (In case you’re one of these advertisers, keep it together, and please let me know whether I can help in any capacity.)

Such a significant number of mind-blowing brands — from neighbourhood spots to quickly recognized names — have been reeling from the effect of everybody expecting to remain at home to benefit general wellbeing.

In this remarkable time, I chose to investigate how different brands are reacting to this hardship through the substance.

Also, from what I’ve discovered, their activities fill in as essential exercises for us all.

B2C content needs: Information and association

The exponential spread of the infection implied that things changed rapidly, the occasion dropped, individuals were prompted not to travel, and all the more such things that were limited or checked. Along these lines, from the second things began to make a move, purchasers went to brands for data.

Building brand faithfulness ought to consistently be a need, yet particularly amid emergency, when opportune data should convey ASAP. Besides the client assistance related inquiries, a fresh out of the box new arrangement of questions and concerns showed up in light of Coronavirus. If brands were in a decent situation to respond to those inquiries, they could be incredibly useful in a turbulent time.

Instead of managing everything through client assistance, for instance, Orbitz set up a blog entry that discloses what customers need to think about changing their itinerary items.

Be that as it may, it’s not just about giving data, either. On the off chance that individuals can’t burn through cash on your items or administrations, one of your top showcasing needs ought to keep up correspondence and association with them amidst this hardship.

I’ve by and by observed places in D.C. working admirably at this. For instance, The Potter’s House, a not-for-profit bistro, book shop, and occasion space, shut down their area on March 13 for general wellbeing and security reasons.

Be that as it may, they’ve been in contact using email, utilizing charming, human language, disclosing what they’re doing to give back during the COVID-19 emergency, and discussing ways they’re attempting to keep the network together.

Brands need to recollect that their image advocates miss them, as well. Nobody needs to be cooped up and stressed. They’d much rather be drawing in with their networks plotting likely arrangements, and giving back in any capacity they can.

Straightforward messages of consolation, fellowship, and expectation can go far.

B2B content needs: Reassurance and backing

B2B promoting isn’t just about getting new business. It can likewise tie in with “showcasing” to your present customers and clients.

At the point when you work with different organizations that are enduring monetarily, your informing is basic. If you have a sound association, they see the cash they spend on your item/administrations and your image as a significant bit of their prosperity.

It incorporates two critical things.

Articulation of their longing to help

Subtleties of the moves they’ve just made

An ongoing letter from Airbnb’s CEO to its hosts far and wide incorporates similar components, however additionally with a statement of regret for how they took care of retractions considering the COVID-19 emergency.

The informing you use and the manners in which you decide to help are significant in keeping up positive connections. This is when showcasing covers extraordinarily with interchanges and PR methodologies, as it ought to now and again when storehouses can’t work.

What’s more, words aren’t sufficient (as the Airbnb letter notes as a component of their statement of regret). Demonstrating individuals that you will do whatever is in your capacity to be their backer can fabricate large measures of altruism.

OpenTable intrigued me as it so happens. They’ve been utilizing their image impact to urge individuals to help eateries in different manners. Only a look at their Instagram feed shows how almost the entirety of their substance is committed to giving approaches to associate individuals to eateries in this social separating age.

In case you’re a café that pays OpenTable for reservation capacities, this is the thing that I’d envision you’d prefer to see — the individuals who you work with pushing for you. Also, honestly, obviously, OpenTable benefits from these endeavours, as well, however, if it appears earnest, useful assistance that they’re giving, it can go far in building altruism.


It’s hard not to become involved with the pressure, particularly when confronting vulnerability. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can make a stride back and consider how your image can best add to the arrangements your customers or clients need, you can shape a transient technique on how your substance can more readily serve them now.

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