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4 Life Hacks to Get You Out of Bed Early

If you’re like everybody else in the world, you probably struggle to wake up in the morning and get out of bed early. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are actually many benefits to getting up early and starting your day off right. Why spend all night going through the text message marketing you got that day when you can put the phone away and go to sleep early.

4- Small Snack and Some Water Before Going to Sleep

Eating something before going to bed will help you feel less cranky when you wake up. Don’t go for a big meal because that may upset your sleeping. Instead, opt for a small and light snack before bedtime. Also, have a glass of water or two before bed. This will help you stay hydrated when you sleep and will make you want to go to the bathroom when you wake up, thus forcing you out of bed instead of back to sleep.

A side note: also have some water once you wake up because it’s shown to have great health benefits like boosting your metabolism.

3- Put an Alarm in the Morning

If you want to wake up early in the morning then you should put an early alarm, DUH! I know, obvious right? But there is a trick to put an alarm because once you wake up you have a tendency to silence it and go back to sleep. So that’s why it’d be smart to put your alarm out of reach so that if you do want to snooze your alarm, you’d have to get up and walk across your room to do it. By then you’d already be up and about that you can’t easily go back to sleep.

2- Do It Until It Becomes A Habit

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If you do something long enough, eventually it will become a habit. Waking up early is a prime example of that. Your body will get used to the hours that you go to bed to, and get out of bed from, that it will begin to naturally become tired around that time, and come out of sleep around that time. So if you’re struggling the first time you try to get out of bed early, try to fight that struggle and push through with it. If you are able to do that, then the second and third time should be easier. Eventually, you’ll be getting used to the practice of getting up early that you’ll question how in the world you used to ever wake up past 8 am.

1- Allow for Natural Sunlight

You want to set up your room and environment for going to sleep, not going into hibernation. Don’t completely darken out your room by shutting the drapes all the way, and not let any sunlight into your room. In fact, open the shades up quite a bit so that the sun hits your entire room and lightens it up in the morning. The best thing you can do is allow yourself to wake up and be met with a ray of bright sunlight smacking you in the face first thing in the morning

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