How To Sell On Voonik ?

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Introduction The style space online is packed with large names and Loonie is just another one making its presence felt with a distinctive artificialIntelligence powered website.  AI aids in selection of the ideal clothing according to body type, skin tone, character and other elements.  Voonik provides over 15 lakhs Distinct goods sourced from over 4000 shops showing approximately 3000 brands  It’s the online supermarket for fashion clothes and 10000 fashion shops are Going great guns on this website.  Should you chance to become a fashion designer or possess agarment store, you can observe a quantum boost in earnings by enrolling with  During DigiCommerce, begin boosting your business on high Voonik

1. Full name
2. E-mail id
3. GSTIN Number
4. Cancel Cheque
5. Address Proof (Aadhaar Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill)
6. Pan Card
7. Digital Signature With Company Stamp
8. Trademark Certificate
9. Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter Registration on Voonik Navigate to and Begin the Voonik vendor

Registration procedure.  It’s possible to utilize the Voonik vendor app with the intention.   Fill in your name, Business name, email and make your own ID.   Accept Voonik arrangement.

The subsequent steps involve supplying details of files.  As soon as you submit The online program then you gets a call from Voonik representative that will assist you finish the procedure.   This is the way to Enroll as a vendor on Voonik.  Next you go to market on Voonik. Register as a vendor on voonik employing these basic measures. Keep records prepared Bank account particulars, announcement, cancelled cheque PAN card of business GST registration certification.1.  You can enroll as a vendor as a person, a limited Liability partnership business or as a private limited company however, the company has to be enrolled.  GST registration is mandatory except for unstitched Fabrics and garments but if it’s a good idea to have GST enrollment.

PAN is mandatory if you sell separately or as a provider.

2.Navigate to voonik vendor platform on voonik site.

Register and offer a user identification and password to make an account.   You need to define the registered speech and pick up speech for courier services.

3.Accept Voonik vendor arrangement.4. Submit business details such as business name, kind, PAN,

Supply bank information and submit duplicate of a cancelled cheque With bank statement as might be deemed necessary.

6.Submit form. You get a confirmation after which a Voonik Representative will phone you to steer you through the procedure.  Create a title to your loonie online shop and list your merchandise.  You have to record 10 Distinct products.

The following step on How Best to market on Voonik would be to record your Products.   Add a photograph.  Take care to pick the best class first in order for your merchandise is located on Voonik quicker.  Remember to include details of Goods such as size, color, fabric, texture and so forth.   If you can’t do so it’s possible to approach Voonik Catalogue partner who’ll create content and photographs.

There’s a Additional centre in the Shape of Product and It’s a sort of paid advertising that increases visibility and opportunities of earnings.  Fill up the PCA Registration form and then submit it and you get email verification.  You should have 20 things in your group to your PCA so check carefully before you elect for this paid advertising.  Ready the banner which will be shown on Voonik Pages maintaining the dimensions in 800×400 pixels, maximum and email it to The banner advertisements are displayed according to charges and after the equilibrium sum are utilized, the banner ads will quit revealing.

Utilize the loonie vendor app or dash to handle requests.

Pack the merchandise using Voonik packaging stuff you’ll be able to buy via the Dashboard.  Download packaging slips and publish them after that you attach them into the bundle to ensure it is ready for dispatch.  Voonik has logistics partners toArrange pickup from the vendor’s premises.

Sellers cost their merchandise but you have to account for Commission and charges Voonik charges.  Aside from the advertising fees which varyAccording to merchandise, on which you’ve got to pay GST you must pay 20 percent as Commission on most types.

If purchaser yields merchandise in a damaged state the vendor Can increase a claim and also be eligible for reimbursement of cost of merchandise at Voonik’s discretion.  Sellers are protected against consumer frauds and have to increase a claim and provide adequate evidence.  Even if goods are damaged in transit that the vendor can increase a claim on Voonik.

This is the Way to market on Voonik and advice regarding Voonik Seller enrollment.  Get about the Voonik website and gain from the high


The prerequisites for becoming a vendor on the Majority of the

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