How To Sell On Limeroad ?

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Limeroad is from the limelight for being among the Best online  Anybody who designs fashion clothes, manufactures apparels or bargains in clothes and cloths could get on the Limeroad market and begin selling.  This is the best way to market on Limeroad.

Limeroad follows the B2C marketplace version.  It connects sellers with retail buyers with over 20000 registered vendors.

During Etechnocraft, begin boosting your business on high Produce Limeroad Seller Account Before you can sell goods on Limeroad You Need to create Limeroad seller accounts.  It’s possible to begin Limeroad vendor registration onto a Desktop but it’s far better to utilize the Limeroad program.

Documents Necessary for registration on limeroad -1.  E-mail identification 2.  Select sex 3.  GSTIN Number4.  Cancel Cheque5.  Bill)6.Pan Card7. 8.  Trademark Certificate9.  Authorization Letter the Identical Limeroad seller program Functions as a dash to help

You upload product details and images to your own storefront on Limeroad.  You need to fill in PAN number, bank information, title, GST and speech besides providing documentary proof, if called for.  The procedure takes under a half hour and You also get confirmation which makes the storefront occupied in half an hour or so after That you’ll be able to take the process further.  As soon as you enroll to use the program to prepare a storefront with a unique emblem, name and banner.  You may upload numerous goods without constraints provided that these are real and drop beneath the allowed categories so as to sell goods on Limeroad.  You may upload as many as Seven images per item and in size variations of the goods.   When you’ve uploaded and began promoting it is possible to handle products on Limeroad utilizing the program.

Upload images and merchandise information and wait patiently to be found.  You

Can become busy in selling goods on Limeroad by sharing with potential clients and via social networks through the Limeroad program.   Order could be handled from the purchase management department from the program.  You package merchandise with your own packaging

Materials in your own cost and send at your cost.  You’re able to display shipping Included in the purchase price or charge additional.

Once vendor ships a commodity and it’s obtained by the Purchaser,

Limeroad will launch payment thinking of a 15 times cycle.  Limeroad provided its Program for free to vendors but may impose a fee later on but in the moment it’s totally free and there are no hidden charges.  On the other hand, the commission ranges from 25% To 30 percent on which one needs to pay service tax too.  Bear this in mind when upgrading the goods.

The prerequisites for becoming a vendor on the Majority of the Ecommerce platforms are identical.

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