Managing product quality, along with cost and schedule, is one of the most important challenges facing software development organizations today. The growing complexity of underlying domains, multitudes of platforms to be supported, and ever reducing release cycles are making the quality assurance challenge even more complicated.The benefits to a software product company:

3rd-party validation Independent testing allows for an objective look at quality issues.
Shortened time-to-market While your development/delivery team concentrates on core product innovation and product engineering, the testing partner can focus on the quality assurance activities and can quickly ramp up and ramp down qualified resources as required. Proven QA engineers. On demand.
Reduction in Operating Costs Reduce costs of specialized hardware and software of your QA infrastructure.
Shorter turnaround Time Receive the results of tests within 24 hours.

eTechnocraft Difference:

# 1. Quality Focus: Product vs. Project

In line with our mission, eTechnocraft brings a unique product development focus to QA that is lacking in many outsourcing organizations across the world.  We understand that QA activities in a product development environment are iterative in nature. Repeatability and traceability are the most important qualities to be established in an iterative model, which is contrasted by one-off activities associated with a project-based QA activity.
We understand that fixing software product defects toward the end of an engagement can prove to be much more expensive than proactively removing defects during design and development. This approach is critical since nearly 65% of all defects arise from poor design or misunderstood requirements.

# 2. Reusability of QA artifacts, resources, and software assets

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in software product QA, the center of attention should be on reusability and maintainability of QA artifacts and resources.

# 3. QA Automation

Consistency and efficiency of iterative activities can only be established through careful automation of these activities. eTechnocraft invested into test automation capabilities within our organization that help its clients leverage benefits of high-end QA automation infrastructure.