J2ME based Application Development

Change the content of J2ME based Mobile application to as mentioned below:

J2ME Mobile Applications are the most popular and widely accepted platform for wireless phones from leading phones manufacturers. J2ME provides a complete, flexible environment for applications running on handheld devices, such as smart phones and PDAs. J2ME applications encompass an extended support network, constantly increasing number of developers, and integrated applications which do not differ from desktop applications in user-friendliness.

EtechnoCraft specializes in the following area in J2ME:

J2ME Mobile application development
J2ME Wireless Applications
J2ME Web Applications
J2ME Mobile Payment Solution
J2ME Location Based Service
J2ME GPS Based Applications
J2ME application porting
Bluetooth Applications for Mobile
JSR based development on J2ME

The J2ME Mobile Application Development Technology & Tools that Etechnocraft uses are:

Technology :

CLDC/CDC and MIDP Framework
Blackberry Framework


J2MEPolish Eclipse Plug In
Sun Wireless Toolkit
Nokia Series 40
Series 60and Series 80 Emulators
Sony Ericsson Emulators
Blackberry IDE
Blackberry Device Emulators