In the digital India if we talk about the links citation so it would really work for any website. It works for any website to target the local audiences.  In the links citation we need to mention the correct details about the web site and about the address of the company along with


contact details because if these details will not publish properly or provided by the company side is incorrect so it might be possible that you will find some issue to get the business or traffic for the site.

Website registration we can do in two different way offline and online. In the offline registration as an example we can say like the just dial service in which we will get the information by calling on the just dial contact no and they will provide us the information regarding the topic which we ask. Other one is the online citation in which we need to do the registration to the different website related to our website like if we are new in the fashion industry and we want to promote the website as well. So in that case we need to provide the links to the Flipkart, Amazon and the club factory. If we register our fashion website in this web site which has the visibilities so customer will check our links also to check the new trends so our site will also get the traffic as well.

How the link citation work for any site

Link citation will really work for any new website to get promoted or you can say to get the traffic as well.  When the new web site will create so no one will know about the web site so you can say by the link citation we create a path to visit our website as well if once customer visit our website and he or she will get the correct information or if we talk about the fashion if customer will get the variety in affordable price so customers will visit our website again and again. but for the first visit we need to create a path which is called the link citation for the web site.

Benefit of the links citations

In the digital India and if we talk about the digital marketing so in that case there are two modes to get the traffic for the web site. one is to get rank by the search engine and the other one is to get registered by the citation so if we go with the ranking system it will take time to get rank by the search engine and then get the traffic. At the other side if we go by the links citation it will works faster as compared to ranking system. We can say to get the faster result from the customer side we choose the option of the link citations because in this we will create the path for the visitors.

How you can register the web site

For the registration you need to contact the other web site which is already working for the same sector of your website and for the site which are really getting the real traffic because if we go for the different site or if we register in the web site which is not getting any kind of traffic so in that case the citation will not work for the same. On the other hand if we go for the same sector and for the visible site so our site will also get visibility.