Facebook, Instagram, linkage are some social media website which is used for the linking purpose and for the posting purpose in digital marketing. User create there account in these sites and feel the social presence of there in the social media.


It gives the user the security factor

After some time Instagram converting his all account as private account because Instagram want their user to feel like they are secure with insta only there data will not share to any other site for misuse.


It gives the user the priority feels

According the user if we think they feel priority in the private account because in private account only allowed user can see the data of other user. If someone doesn’t want his all data to show to everyone so in private page they can do the setting according to that.


It will increase our follower count

Instagram is a social site so they have uncountable user, if someone create their account on insta page so his fan following automatically get increase if the user want to increase that.

It gives you more control on market

For the new starter Instagram is also the best option to make the presence in the market, after knowing all about the market user can get the grip of the market.

It gives the user exclusive feel

User feel the exclusive feel because of the private factor only they feel like they are the exclusive user of Instagram and if Instagram giving any kind of discount or offer so it also gives them the exclusive feel.

SEO tool are the tools which is mandate for all website. They all tools will let you know about the website details. You can check all regarding your site with these tool.

Google analytics: it will let you know about traffic that how much traffic you are getting in your website and the traffic is real or not.

Google add word: it is connecting with the add world of google, the ppc which we say. In every click of your, amount will charges from your account which you had paid to the google. It will reflect you at the first page of the google but it’s not sure that every time you will reflect at the first page when the new website pay more your site will get down.

Web master: This tool analyses your website completely. This tool is to know about the visibility of your website.

Google Keyword planner: This tool will check about the search volume of the site that how much volume your website is getting from the keywords which are ranking on your site. Keyword planner also tells you about the relative keywords of your keyword which is already target in your website.

Gt matrix: GT matrix is the tool which can check the speed of the website that in how much time your website is opening. It should be less than 5 sec. speed of the website depends on the website size.

Back link checker: This tool is to check the back link of the website. When we register our website links on the other sites, we receive some back link for that so back link checker will count all those links from the tools.

Alexa ranking: Alexa       ranking tool is to check the real traffic for your website sometimes we are getting the traffic but not the revenue it because of the fake traffic. Your website needs to be rank on the alexa then only it creates impression of your website.

Woo Rank: This tool is also an important tool which will check the content traffic that how much traffic you are getting because of your content. If there should be any changes needs to be done so it can done accordingly.

There are so many changes which we find in 2019 but the main changes that completely changed the market are the following:

SEO won’t look the same

You can also see the changes in SEO from 2018 to 2019. In the previous only 3 to 5 % people use the sound for the search but now if you will see everyone is using the sound system because of the clarity and the convenience.

Expect algorithm updates to be more complex

One more thing is that about the change which I feel is “search engine updates” regarding the algorithm are getting more complex day by day. It’s getting hard to understand the algorithm, because if the updates will be not clear then the SEO can’t be possible.

You can’t build a company off of 1 channel

It was quite easy for the previous time to run company with one channel but after the panda updates it will not possible to keep your company in market for long time with one channel. We need to work on every channel of the social site like Facebook, Twweiter.

Blogging won’t work too well

In the past we just need to update one blog and that will work for you, but now search engine has 1000 of content from which they can choose the site which search engine really want to update on the first.

You’ll need to focus on new search engines and new content types

In 2019 we needs to make changes in our content in daily basis because if the content will remain the same in that case our web site will not reflect on the first page of the search engine, because of the content quantity available with search engine.

Digital Marketing if we talk about content is the main part, because if the content is not as per the user so website will not boom. Content will get the traffic for the site. Here are some basic tips for content writing:

Write from the heart not from mind

Content writer always write the content from the heart they can use their mind also, customer will read content only when it’s written by the heart it should be beyond foundation.

Use the powerful world

Whenever you write any content you need to add the powerful statement. The statement should be like drive innovation, become a disruptor. These kinds of statement give your content the feel of valuable website content.

Write for the reader

Always write the content for the reader only; it should be according to the user requirement. User is the person who will read the content and who will give the traffic for your website and the business.

Always write purposely

Content always need to be purposely without purpose if any content will be written so it will not get any kind of feedback or any revenue. There should be some kind information which needs to given by the writer which is relevant to the topic.

Use picture to make your content impressive

You can always use picture to make your content to be more impressive picture always gives the attraction to your content, sometimes what happen is because of the image only user read the complete article or the blog.

Write with focus

You should always write the content with complete focus because sometime what happen is, the title is the different and the content is related to something else or it will not give the complete knowledge about the topic which needs to be given.