• Research from Google suggests that the correlation between page load times and conversion rates is strong, especially on mobile web pages.
  • One of the simplest changes you can make to your website is limiting the data loaded as a visitor navigates through product listings.
  • If you can identify that pages are loading a lot of third-party Javascript files ahead of your body content, you’ll want to see how that can be rearranged.
  • More simple yet surprisingly quick things that can help speed up your ecommerce site.

For online retailers, the deserted website/truck issue has numerous variables. Decreasing the number of snaps to checkout, wiping out astonishments in value shows and offering visitor checkout choices are some notable approaches to battle truck relinquishment on an internet business webpage. Yet, smart vendors are continually looking for methods to shield potential clients from leaving the website before making a buy.

Research from Google (among different reviews led over the most recent couple of years) recommends that the relationship between page load times and change rates are stable, particularly on versatile website pages. So, slow stacking occasions are leaving deals speechless.

Accelerating page burden can hugely affect your business. Look at Google’s Test My Site apparatus, which can assist you with evaluating load time’s effect on income dependent on the number of guests to your site, your standard transformation rate and reasonable request esteem. Contingent upon your outcomes, you might need to begin little or bounce into discount site changes by recover income lost to site relinquishment. How about we experience speed-situated changes at three distinct degrees of trouble.

Level one: Simple yet fast changes you can make yourself

Pictures on your site make the greatest information move when somebody stacks up against your page on their program. Probably the most straightforward change you can make to your website is constraining the information stacked as a guest explores through item postings. That doesn’t mean you should expel pictures; it just methods you ought to be more brilliant about how they’re utilized.

The most straightforward approach to do this is to ensure your client’s program is stacking the correct size picture for their necessities. On the off chance that they’re versatile, they needn’t bother with a similar size item pictures as they would on the work area. You can physically include in an unexpected way estimated pictures and set parameters for when they’re shown; however, your online business stage should offer an approach to make pictures receptive to the client’s gadget. You transfer the most excellent photo you have, and the client gets the size they need dependent on the device they are utilizing.

Another best practice is to restrict the number of things shown at once on each page. Try not to stack 100 outcomes for every page when no one but 15 can fit on-screen without a moment’s delay. Rather, use “Burden More” fastens and let customers tell your site when they’re prepared for additional. This permits customers to scroll sections of your item postings, without feeling plagued by many pages of results to filter through, while additionally keeping load times ultra quick. Your page will need to stack a bunch of pictures when the client is prepared to see them, and their general looking over and the shopping experience will be streamlined.

Level two: You may require the assistance of your accomplices

Similarly, as with pictures, lessening the measure of other information that necessities to stack when a client first visits your site will help accelerate their experience. The substance they experience first on your website is designated “over the-crease” content and ought to be what stacks first. You may be amazed to discover that a lot of sites load outsider gadgets before getting to the genuine substance.

It’s anything but difficult to recognize how your HTML is organized – open the designer devices on your program and glance through the page code. Close to the top, you need CSS to stack first, which shows up as <link>. This controls the original appearance of your site, and you can utilize CSS instead of specific pictures or designs to make your pages even less healthy to stack. Next, you need to see the <body> of your page – the substance your client is sitting tight for – or, conceivably, some javascript records, <script>, if some are required for the remainder of the page to stack.

This is the place your accomplices come in. If you can recognize that pages are stacking a great deal of outsider Javascript documents in front of your body content, you’ll need to perceive how that can be reworked. Be that as it may, going into your site backend and disturbing code isn’t generally prudent. Make sandboxes for testing to ensure a change on one page doesn’t break the remainder of your site. On the off chance that you don’t have designer assets in-house, work with your internet business stage supplier or space have. They can assist you with setting up sandboxes for your testing or distinguish and address any page structure setbacks that may have been made as you added various instruments and capacities to your site.

Level three: Teamwork makes the fantasy work

Steady encounters across the work area and versatile have been the objective for dealers since the iPhone’s presentation in 2007 propelled the period of portable perusing. During the 2010s, responsive structure conveyed fundamentally better mobile encounters and assumed a massive job in the move of web get to occur for the most part on the work area to for the most part on versatile.

Presently, mixing the use of sites with the effortlessness of applications is the most recent move to give quick, straightforward, versatile trade encounters. Dynamic web applications, (PWAs) which were presented quite a while prior however are seeing progressively critical reception currently, have a couple of traits that make them novel, and exceptionally fit online deals.

PWAs are responsive and load inconceivably quick, giving the vibe of immediate burden times. They can work disconnected, on account of dynamic updates through help labourers, and are secure because administration labourers require scrambled information transmissions. PWAs can be introduced on cell phone home screens and bolster message pop-ups like applications, yet can likewise be gotten to and shared utilizing URLs like sites.

To put it plainly, PWAs can take care of the issues of moderate page load speeds on a work area or versatile. Yet, in addition, open new ways for vendors to collaborate with customers, give extraordinary advanced encounters, increment unwaveringly and enable clients to advocate for the brand. You likely won’t fabricate a PWA alone, however, marks which do discover numerous advantages simultaneously.

At the point when a potential client visits an online store, it’s regularly because they have some degree of enthusiasm for the items sold there, which is the reason it’s disappointing for dealers to close a deal once they have come that far. Try not to let page load times be the explanation bail. There are numerous elements and many fixes like the ones we’ve evaluated here that can affect load speeds and keep clients cheerfully shopping on your internet business webpage.

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As an entrepreneur, the speed at which your site burdens may not be at the highest priority on your rundown of concerns. Be that as it may, site speed can be the distinction between you picking up or losing a client.

Consider it. We’ve all had the experience of clicking a connection to a site, just to think that it’s taking a couple of moments too long to even think about loading, driving us to visit another website. 47% of purchasers anticipate that a site should stack in two seconds or less for the work area. On the off chance that a site takes longer than three seconds to accumulate, 53% of portable clients decide to desert.

Also, what’s more, page load speed is one of the primary factors that figure out where your site positions on SERPs. Google’s positioning calculation utilizes site speed as a sign, making it significantly increasingly significant that your site stacks rapidly.

At GoDaddy, we consider all the approaches to ensure your online nearness is sufficient, of all shapes and sizes, and kept webpage speed top of the psyche when building sites + promoting. As per IsYourHostFastYet.com, an individual site made by a Google engineer, our recently improved stage offers the quickest page load speed on both versatile and work area gadgets.

In any case, even without sites + showcasing, there are things you can do to make your site load quicker. Start by utilizing an open-source apparatus like Google Lighthouse to gauge your present site speed, at that point, evaluate the various variables that could be hindering your heap time.

Next, recognize which of these elements you’d prefer to change. I’ve incorporated a couple of tips to help improve your site’s speed beneath:

  1. Toning it down would be ideal 

Over-burdening your site with different media resources like photographs, recordings, and curiously large documents can be a deciding variable in how quick your website works. Figure out what is superfluous or no longer pertinent on each page and expel them to enable your server to get through the messiness and make your site quicker.

  1. Improve your pictures 

Pictures can make up as much as 21% of the general load of your page, adequately making it drowsy. Decrease the document size of your images to improve site speed by using less data transfer capacity and capacity on your system’s server. Look at this article to comprehend and actualize picture improvement for your site.

  1. Empower reserving 

By empowering program and CDN reserving, clients visiting your website will have specific data, for example, pictures, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and media records incidentally spared, permitting your site page to stack quicker whenever they visit your webpage. Reserved things ought to be put away for whatever length of time that it bodes well. Outsider things, for example, promotions or gadgets regularly just most recent daily while static items, for example, pictures are put away for at any rate seven days.

  1. Area matters 

Living in a computerized world permits us to effectively get to content all around surprisingly fast, so the physical area of your facilitating server doesn’t appear to be a serious deal. Notwithstanding, server area directly affects site execution for the end-client. Notwithstanding how far web propels have come, information despite everything needs to make a trip to another goal genuinely. Utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) will abbreviate the conveyance time for your client. CDN’s hold duplicates of your site resources on a neighbourhood server close to your client, as opposed to sending information from your home server to theirs, making their page load quicker.

Generally, having a quick stacking site makes a positive client experience for your clients. While it may not be the sole explanation they decide to visit your website, it will upgrade their general understanding, making your site get more traffic and make more deals. Different variables add to having a high performing site. Consider which ones bode well for your business as a couple of little changes can enormously affect your online achievement.

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In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, neighbourhood and state governments have given requests for superfluous organizations and foundations to close their entryways. These requests joined with the absence of buyers advancing into physical stores, have majorly affected private companies the nation over. Numerous physical private ventures have decided the best way to remain open and serve clients is to progress activities to online web-based business, which is something a few organizations will accomplish just because.

For environmental organizations unexpectedly battling to make sense of how to bring their store’s internet during this remarkable time, there are a few essential contemplations. Here are six stages that can be taken to rapidly set up a web-based business nearness and keep arriving at clients.

  1. Set up an online stage 

The initial step for any entrepreneur considering the online business is to examine the stages accessible to figure out which best fits the requirements of your business and your spending limit. Various cost-proficient web-based business suppliers permit independent companies to get fully operational very quickly. You can look at a full rundown of the web-based business suppliers Avalara works with.

While assessing web-based business stages, there are various components to consider, including multiplatform activities, transportation and satisfaction highlights, safety efforts, and consistency capacities. If your business is progressing to online just because, effortlessness in usefulness both toward the back and client confronting stresses will probably be top of the psyche. Most web-based business stage suppliers have a few unique plans intended to best accommodate your business. A decent general guideline when choosing which method is best for you is to remember the accompanying:

What number of items do you plan on selling? In case you do not want to sell a lot of things, a more straightforward arrangement with lower rates might be reasonable. There is no item limit for some suppliers’ original plans.

What highlights do you need? In case you’re hoping to have a site that empowers clients to see your items and make buys, a less complicated arrangement is likely the best fit. Nonetheless, numerous organizations think that its gainful to incorporate extra highlights that add to positive client encounters, similar to client reliability plans, deserted truck recuperation, and then some.

Note that during this time, your business might not have the advantage of directing broad research on different stages, and instead may need to depend on something that works now. Luckily, there are suppliers that idea out-of-the-crate usefulness that will empower you to get your essential store fully operational rapidly.

“For business owners who have invested their energy into building lasting physical storefronts, the process of moving online doesn’t have to be intimidating, even when the future of your brand relies on your ability to launch and drive online sales. Ecommerce platforms, like BigCommerce, are designed with out-of-the-box functionality and application integrations to ensure that even the most novice sellers can get their stores online quickly, and offer the tools to help their business grow now and for years to come. In these uncertain times, having an online presence is an essential way to stay connected to your customers and continue driving revenue. While it may feel overwhelming to move online so quickly, this an easy business decision that will pay long-lasting dividends.”

— Meghan Stabler, VP of Product Marketing and Communications, BigCommerce

When you’ve recognized a stage that works best for you, the following step is to enlist your space name and get your record set up — which can all be done from any associated gadget. When you’re in, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin redoing the highlights of your site, which starts in step #2.

  1. Figure out which items you’ll sell on the web 

Given the vital practicality of your endeavours to change store capacities to web-based business, it’s critical to organize which items you’ll be selling on the web, so your generally beneficial and sought after items are accessible for buy as you dispatch your site. It can feel like you have to have each item in your store available promptly, yet by organizing the most popular items first, you can get your online activities going at that point start satisfying requests while including extra stock.

  1. Differentiate your instalment strategies 

Setting up your acknowledged instalment strategies is a significant piece of changing over a program into a purchaser. Consider which instalment techniques are the most usually utilized and suit the most considerable number of clients. Luckily, most web-based business suppliers offer combinations with the most widely recognized instalment techniques like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, and the sky is the limit from there. In case you’re as yet uncertain of which instalment techniques you’ll have to acknowledge, a great, dependable guideline is to consolidate similar instalment strategies you offer through your in-store retail location framework.

  1. Set up your transportation and brings works back 

When you’ve sketched out your items and set up instalment strategies, the subsequent stage is to guarantee you can get things to clients. Delivery, satisfaction, and returns can be a significant barricade for some, private ventures making progress from block and-cement to on the web. A critical element that ought to be remembered for your web-based business stage capacities is shipping choices, including outsourcing, printable delivery marks, and pre-arrangement shipping suppliers.

In case you satisfy requests yourself, consider utilizing a delivery application like ShipStation, which robotizes shipping for traders everything being equal, and offers private companies limited dispatching rates with USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

In case you’re worried about how to satisfy orders or that your present stockroom may be not able to fulfil orders, think about utilizing a re-appropriated supplier, like ShipBob, which procedures rules for a vast number of web-based business brands. It’s likewise worth bringing up that your retail facade can fill in as an impermanent satisfaction place during this time: It serves the double advantage of getting the item to your clients rapidly while at the same time guaranteeing all that in-store stock doesn’t go to squander. This is a model that works effectively for huge box retailers like Target.

Delivery costs are regularly something physical retailers haven’t needed to consider with regards to valuing, so be aware of an item’s transportation cost and be sure it’s shown in the shopping basket. Be straightforward about delivery costs all through the shopping encounter and stay away from the danger of having clients forsake their truck on the off chance that they find a transportation cost “gotcha” at checkout.

  1. Plan your web-based promoting methodology with an online networking 

Maybe one of the most significant strides right now conveying how your business will presently be selling. This is the place internet based life posts and publicizing become an integral factor to be sure that clients are up to date about your online system. On the upside, most physical shops are as of now utilizing web-based social networking to market to their clients. In any case, it’s essential that organizations over-convey the adjustment in tasks to guarantee ordinary clients know about the new selling channel and to profit by the extended client crowd you would now be able to reach.

Internet-based life can be utilized to advance your new online nearness and as a stage to advocate for your business’ distinctive components and one of a kind worth include. Utilize this chance to recount to your story and feature the attributes that make your independent company stand apart to customers. Not exclusively are buyers going to online networking to realize where they can keep making usual buys during this time, yet they’re particularly disposed to help independent ventures.

Another choice, when utilizing web-based life, is to go past your showcasing endeavours and consider using social offering stages as a supplement to your recently shaped online store. In the present informal community-driven society, web-based social networking stages are never again only a road to expand brand mindfulness. Yet, a chance to associate with clients and make deals in the social strings clients are now filtering through.

Remark selling stages, as CommentSold, are mixing substance and trade to change over web-based social networking remarks into deals and consequently receipt customers from their web-based life courses of events. By utilizing this technique for “headless trade”, or isolating the front end and back finish of a web-based business application, organizations can without much of a stretch consolidate their internet based life promoting and web-based selling for snappy deals changes and restricted grinding all through the perusing and shopping experience. Through social selling capacities, organizations can spare clients the time they would find some way or another need to spend filtering through sites to discover the things that best fit their needs and needs.

“Captivating shoppers online can be increasingly difficult as more businesses turn to online during this time, so reaching customers where they are is more important than ever before. Social selling platforms allow retailers to connect directly with customers via live video and product content on Facebook and Instagram. Creative tools, like instant comment purchasing and real-time live sales events, can help retailers grab and keep their online customers’ attention.”

— Andy Smith, COO, CommentSold

  1. See, test, and distribute your store 

The last advance to bringing your store online is to guarantee each capacity of your website is operational. Twofold check each size by asking yourself these inquiries:

Accomplishes my checkout work? Ensure orders work overall instalment strategies, your delivery alternatives and charges are right and noticeable; the things and cost in your truck are right. Check if limits/advancements apply effectively and the fee is determined once customers enter their area. While frequently ignored, guaranteeing deals charge is decided accurately continuously is essential to keeping up a positive shopping experience and keeps your business from being in danger of duty reviews not far off.

Is the substance introduced expertly? Edit all duplicate and twofold watch that spelling and sentence structure are right over the site. It’s additionally imperative to check pictures, recordings, and different types of sight and sound across stages to ensure they don’t meddle with the client experience.

Accomplishes my store take a shot at different channels and web programs? Shoppers need to get to items online at whatever point they browse whatever gadget they are on. Testing your online website for usefulness across channels is essential to guarantee that you’re not dismissing potential clients who can’t get to your webpage.

When an ever-increasing number of independent companies are in danger of shutting their entryways because of wild conditions, internet business gives a practical elective that, whenever executed on rapidly and conclusively, permits entrepreneurs to keep their activities ready for action. Independent companies can exploit this surprising time to investigate new offering chances and approaches to additionally serve their clients — something they may have in any case not had the opportunity to do. Luckily, the innovation that exists today permits even the littlest of organizations to rapidly increase online tasks, contacting a more extensive crowd, and consolidating all the essential capacities expected to give an exhaustive, frictionless internet shopping experience.

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How to make your website like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

In the digital India all want to get their business on social media because of the market grip, getting to increase day by day. You can easily find people on social sites because of the time limits. Follow these simple tips to make your website like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal:

Home page needs to be well managed

First page of the website needs be to well managed and all categories and sub categories should reflect there so the customers can find it easily. Search bar also needs to be available on the first page.

Loading time should be Quicker

Your website needs to be open within maximum of 5 secs.Because if the site is responding very slowly most of the times, the customer will move onto some other website and you may loose a potential customer or order.

 All URLs needs to be working properly

All urls needs to be working properly whether it is the first page or the last page.It would create a good impression on the customer make the navigation easier. Sometimes what happen is the customer trying to make a payment, however, the url is not working, it would create a bad impact on a customers and you may loose on your business.

Content Quality

Content quality of your website should be impressive and understandable to the customers. Content should be short and crisp, everyone can understand that. Keywords needs to be targeted properly. The main topic should be very clear.If the topic is not clear, the customer might not read the rest of the content.

 Product Listing

Product listing also needs to done properly.Images should be clear and attractive, so the customers can see and make their choices.Rest of the details also needs to be mentioned properly like the size, colour, etc. If it’s an electronic product then the warranty or the guarantee of the product should also be mentioned.

Link Citation

If you want to grip first in your local area then you should work on the Citation.Because in citation we do the registration for you in different websites. You will get the visibility because of the other sites and will help you to get the revenue.








Digital marketing is required in the metro city because of time shortage. In the metro city, people have no time for offline shopping. They all are moving to online shopping whether they want to purchase a Kurti or any medicine, they will order it from the web site and get it at his/ her at the doorstep. 

 In the metro city, most of the person is working; they don’t have time to go market and purchase digital market is the option to save their time. The price of product cost is also meager in online shopping because there is no mediator. You also can see the graft of the digital market in all around India that how the digital market is getting his grip. In the metro city if you want to catch anyone you can get them only on social sites because they spent 60% of his/ her time on a mobile phone, laptop or system.

 If someone wants to get the knowledge about the food near to him or any location they can check from the search engine, people don’t need to waste his time in asking someone else

 The digital market also works for to start a business with the fewer amounts because if you go for the offline market, you need to have a shop, staff, and architect but for the ecommerce, list your product customer will see the product and order it. No need to pay salary to the staff and rent for the shop. You will save this entire amount and use it for the quality of the product, price of the rent is also very much high in metro city. If the quality will good you will get more order and the revenue get increase. 





If you are new in the digital market, so all things are required for you to get visible in front of the customer. When we talk about the SEO that plays a big role to get the traffic for the web site. For the fast result, we can take the ppc option in which we need to pay some amount to the search engine to reflect us at the top of the page.

As we all know that “jo dikhta hain wo bikta hain “. Images also create curiosity of the customer to read the content over the web site. So getting visible in front of everyone you can also post regularly regarding the content of yours. Your content will get read by the customer side, when they get something new in your content. So you need to publish fresh content all the time, and it gets change on regular basis. Publish post on regular basis also will help you to be on social sites. On daily basis if you publish the post so in any way it will support you to get noticed by the customer’s side.

For the new comers in the digital market posting regularly will surely work because it’s a kind of promotion of their web site. If the customer will noticed you then only he/she will buy something as per there requirement. Everything needs to be more creative and interesting in all post, if you will do the same so then only you will get visible or you can say you will get the traffic for the web site.  Content needs to be as per the trends if the images are like the trend so it will also more helpful for you like now we see the meme in all the web site for the promotion activities.

Digital market is the huge world so to get the authority on the other web sites daily posting will help you, and also you can say that it will help you in your brand awareness. You will also get community feedback which will help you to improve you business. Posting regularly will also sharpen your content skills as well.


In the digital marketing content always play a major role. Content needs to be clear and easy to understand for everyone. It should be short but with quality information. Because if the content is not correct or if it is not providing relevant information about the topic so in that case search engine will not rank your site and if your site will not get noticed by search engine so it will not get any kind of traffic.

Content needs to be fresh it should not be copied by other site. The quality of the content always works. Customer visits our web site and he/she will check the information given by the web site, if he/she gets the relevant information so in that case they will visit our site again and again. But if they would get wrong information or any incomplete information so they will not again come to us and might be possible they will give bad feedback to other regarding the site.

Whenever we talk about the content we needs to know about the audience that what all are our target audience, after knowing them only we can write the content as per taste of the audience. We also need to check about the location, local market first we needs to target to get the prior result. If your grip is good in local market so you can raise up for the near market also.

Images  also play a major role in digital market some time what happen is if the audience like the image  then only he/she will read the content so we needs to choose the correct image for content. MNC Company hires a special person team just only for the content writing, because they know the importance of the content.


In the digital world all want their business to reflect in the social media because if something will reflect in front of someone then only he or she will be able to know about the same.  Social sites are one of the best ways to list your product or any information about the topic of yours. In today’s life we all spent the 60% of our time with Laptops, Desktops or Mobile phones.So this will be the easiest way to catch them all together.

 Uses of SEO

As you know about the importance of the digital market so now I want to inform you that how the SEO works for any business. In the SEO the search engine will rank the information of your site which is provided by you. Then accordingly the search engine would reflect your website. As an example if your site is looking on the first page on Google, this means you got ranking from their side it’s called the organic SEO. It might take some time to get rank so if you have so much of time available with you then only go with this kind of SEO process.

 Uses of PPC

If you want to get the result your business sooner, you can take this PPC option available in the digital marketing.You need to pay some amount to the search engine and they will reflect your website at the first page. On every click of the visitors some particular amount will be charged from your account and once the complete amount used, you need to recharge  your account in the search engine for the better result or to get the visibility.

Uses of web migration

Web migration is the kind of service which is for the person who already having a website but the site is not working properly. If the client wants the content and domain of the site to remain the same, however, the website should look new, then the company like us will do the work for them. Which is called modulation after that the website would be in the new version. The  same website with the all details. So because of the modulation more visitorswouldget attracted to your website and if they like the content and the product, they will purchase it and you will get the revenue.

 How the IT consultant works for you

IT consultant in any digital company will let you know that how they will work for your website to getit more and more visibility from the company side and he or she will get the deal.For the customer side he or she will tell how they are going to work for your site. In short, the IT person is a kind of mediator between the customer and the company. Who gets the deals for the company and all details from the customer’s side for the company.

How the search engine will rank your website

Now let’s talk about the search engine that how they will rank your site? The answer of that question is here:

Content needs to be fresh and unique.If your content is fresh and unique then only the search engine will rank your website.On the other hand if the content is copied by some other website then Google is not going to rank you.

Content needs to optimized means your content needs to be optimized like keywords need to be at the correct place.The density of the content needs to be in the correct form.

Search engine will check the h1 (heading of the content) that the heading is correct or not or is it related to the content or not. The Search engine would check all the details then only your website would rank on top. On the other side if someone wants to get the early ranking so he or she can take the PPC option which is already informed above.

OsCommerce utilizes a PHP/MySQL/Apache environment and get benefit of an outsized community, various contributions, and a lengthy record of reliability and security. Our OsCommerce Development body is highly trained in this application and can assist with installation, modification, contributions, documentation, new and custom development, and more.

In addition to our e-commerce solutions, At eTechnocraft we also provide extensive consulting and development services for the open source e-commerce application OsCommerce.
Is your Webstore Unanimous in appearance?

eTechnocraft will customize your store front end to replicate your company’s corporate elegance and brand and configure the backend as per user requirement. We take out the hassles of setting up your own OsCommerce online store; we leave your options open and let you decide what is important, setting up your business.

>> Customized Front-end Solution:

We design the look and feel of your store and customize the following pages: home, contact us, shipping, terms and conditions.

>> Configured Back-end Solution:

VAT, Regions, Shipping Methods, Categories

OsCommerce Features:

Stock OsCommerce Version Installation, Design Integration, Full Setup
Enhanced OsCommerce Version Installation, Design Integration, Full Setup
Administration Enhancements
Attribute Management
Customer Management
Design Services
Discounts and Gift Certificates
Internet Marketing
Order Management
Performance Monitoring And Optimization
Product Management
Reports And Reporting
Security Enhancements
Support, Training, And Documentation
Updates, Upgrades, and Bug Fixes
Payment Modules
Shipping Modules
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
mage Modules

eTechnocraft Programmers based on their continuous years of Experience has incorporated AJAX Framework Development such as

Standard representation of website using XHTML and CSS Techniques
Dynamic Display and Interaction using Document Object Model
Data Manipulation and Interchange using XML and XSLT
JavaScript Binding for Everything into one

All of the major Google applications, Flickr , search engines like A9.com as well as latest beta versions of applications introduced are Ajax applications.

eTechnocraft Solutions Developers have expertise in building Enterprise class software solutions using AJAX technology and also using technologies from Microsoft .Net, Oracle and Java Platforms. We offer AJAX Development, AJAX web development services proficiently. eTechnocraft has domain expertise in Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, e-Governance, School Management, Accounting, and Mobile Technologies and many more domains.