What kind of change we find in digital marketing in 2019

There are so many changes which we find in 2019 but the main changes that completely changed the market are the following:

SEO won’t look the same

You can also see the changes in SEO from 2018 to 2019. In the previous only 3 to 5 % people use the sound for the search but now if you will see everyone is using the sound system because of the clarity and the convenience.

Expect algorithm updates to be more complex

One more thing is that about the change which I feel is “search engine updates” regarding the algorithm are getting more complex day by day. It’s getting hard to understand the algorithm, because if the updates will be not clear then the SEO can’t be possible.

You can’t build a company off of 1 channel

It was quite easy for the previous time to run company with one channel but after the panda updates it will not possible to keep your company in market for long time with one channel. We need to work on every channel of the social site like Facebook, Twweiter.

Blogging won’t work too well

In the past we just need to update one blog and that will work for you, but now search engine has 1000 of content from which they can choose the site which search engine really want to update on the first.

You’ll need to focus on new search engines and new content types

In 2019 we needs to make changes in our content in daily basis because if the content will remain the same in that case our web site will not reflect on the first page of the search engine, because of the content quantity available with search engine.

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