What all are the seo tool which you can use:

SEO tool are the tools which is mandate for all website. They all tools will let you know about the website details. You can check all regarding your site with these tool.

Google analytics: it will let you know about traffic that how much traffic you are getting in your website and the traffic is real or not.

Google add word: it is connecting with the add world of google, the ppc which we say. In every click of your, amount will charges from your account which you had paid to the google. It will reflect you at the first page of the google but it’s not sure that every time you will reflect at the first page when the new website pay more your site will get down.

Web master: This tool analyses your website completely. This tool is to know about the visibility of your website.

Google Keyword planner: This tool will check about the search volume of the site that how much volume your website is getting from the keywords which are ranking on your site. Keyword planner also tells you about the relative keywords of your keyword which is already target in your website.

Gt matrix: GT matrix is the tool which can check the speed of the website that in how much time your website is opening. It should be less than 5 sec. speed of the website depends on the website size.

Back link checker: This tool is to check the back link of the website. When we register our website links on the other sites, we receive some back link for that so back link checker will count all those links from the tools.

Alexa ranking: Alexa       ranking tool is to check the real traffic for your website sometimes we are getting the traffic but not the revenue it because of the fake traffic. Your website needs to be rank on the alexa then only it creates impression of your website.

Woo Rank: This tool is also an important tool which will check the content traffic that how much traffic you are getting because of your content. If there should be any changes needs to be done so it can done accordingly.

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